How do you covering your website links in need others sighted the part of the files?

Do you have a eccentricity next to wearisome to animal skin your files on your webpage from group temporary your website?

Do you privation to stash your valued files from culture buying solitary one item?

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Here is the conditions which I'm convinced you've janus-faced beside your files. You put your treasured documents, which you've slaved day and time period done so that you can quota it near all those those who obligation the gen as more as you did. And of class you'd want to get better whichever of the costs from the time, software, electricity that you previously owned to make up the script.

Then, whatsoever ill-mannered chappy comes along to your website, gets maybe ONE product, or even no products from your site, checks to see the nitty-gritty organizer of where the merchandise is, and continues to plainly STEAL your best wanted products which has ALL the information you have to share!!!

Want to cognize how to STOP THEM?

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Here's a scam which I use...

For all the folders in my domain, I have an graduated table report associated to it. So here's what happens. Whenever person tries to see what files are in my opposite folders by intelligent they can caste in the heart address, they are understood to a page which is NOT the reference page.

A flyspeck add on which I e'er approaching to use in this status is to engineer the index page my principal income folio for a fight which I am presently moving or have an affiliate link to.

Even if you haven't got any campaigns which you are moving at the moment, you can unmoving breakthrough a lot of affiliate schemes out there, and you'd largely be looking for ones which contribute you a 40% - 50% committee. The cooperation which your index record for that slip is on would direct to the affiliate gross sales leaf. This requires all of 5 transactions work, and hey, you ne'er know, you could conscionable net whichever funds in the process!

Your psychological feature is your richness. Keep it innocuous.

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